As we begin to approach our grand opening in the fall, the Museum would like to share ways in which your donation and generosity will impact our community for the better. From the U.S Space and Rocket Center to the world’s first Genomic Medical Center, Huntsville has the opportunity to keep making a positive impact on the world. By welcoming diversity and new growth, our community can connect and expand like never before. Knowledge is power and we believe our museum will have a unique influence on each and every person who enters! 

Fostering appreciation for communication technology

The SIGNALS Museum of Information Explosion is a place to learn more about the various stories of the past that define the way we communicate today. Our mission is to inspire visitors to appreciate the business leaders and developments that made our world so interconnected. 

A collection of high quality artifacts 

The museum will feature more than 2000 unique artifacts from the dawn of electric power to the smartphone and beyond. Thanks to our founder, Marc Bendickson, we have the pleasure of sharing vintage artifacts that have been restored and preserved with care. Throughout history, each new development paved the way for the complex technologies we have in our modern world. After exploring and appreciating each artifact within our museum, we hope visitors will leave with more appreciation for the past along with new inspiration for the future. 

A place for immersive and interactive experiences 

Our immersive exhibit experiences take you back in time as if you were standing right in front of a famous inventor. Visitors are encouraged to leave their mark by interacting and sharing their knowledge with others. Each interaction will serve to teach visitors and make the museum that much more fun!

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