Other Exciting Museum Offerings: Event Space Rental

Other Exciting Museum Offerings: Event Space Rental

Our team is lucky to have acquired such a large and versatile space for our SIGNALS Museum of Information Explosion. With that being said, we have the ability to rent our event space to members of the Huntsville community. If you are looking for a spacious and inviting location to host your next event, keep reading for more details!

What is included in the rental?

Our rental space has a raised stage and kitchen area to host a variety of events. For instance, if you have a networking event where people will be speaking on stage, we can offer you a podium, projection system, and wireless microphones. Additionally, our event space can hold up to 120 people. Whether you prefer to set up tables & chairs, or have everyone sit theatre style, you can design the space to fit your specific needs. Other amenities that are included in your rental include: tables & chairs, high speed internet, AV & projection system, and an ADA compliant restroom. 

What is the pricing for the rental space?

Starting at just $500 a day, the rental space pricing varies depending on the day and length of time. We have multiple options available on our website so you can choose the package that works best for you. 

Creating community

Huntsville prides itself on creating a strong community and we hope to continue to embody the same quality within our museum. Whether you are looking for a place to host your next event or you would like to become a part of one of the amazing clubs that meets here, we hope we can help facilitate your next experience. Getting to connect and share ideas with like-minded individuals is what keeps our creativity alive! 

Interested in learning more?

Rent Here

The Bigger Impact: How SIGNALS Museum of Information Explosion is going to create a ripple effect in the community

The Bigger Impact: How SIGNALS Museum of Information Explosion is going to create a ripple effect in the community

As we begin to approach our grand opening in the fall, the Museum would like to share ways in which your donation and generosity will impact our community for the better. From the U.S Space and Rocket Center to the world’s first Genomic Medical Center, Huntsville has the opportunity to keep making a positive impact on the world. By welcoming diversity and new growth, our community can connect and expand like never before. Knowledge is power and we believe our museum will have a unique influence on each and every person who enters! 

Fostering appreciation for communication technology

The SIGNALS Museum of Information Explosion is a place to learn more about the various stories of the past that define the way we communicate today. Our mission is to inspire visitors to appreciate the business leaders and developments that made our world so interconnected. 

A collection of high quality artifacts 

The museum will feature more than 2000 unique artifacts from the dawn of electric power to the smartphone and beyond. Thanks to our founder, Marc Bendickson, we have the pleasure of sharing vintage artifacts that have been restored and preserved with care. Throughout history, each new development paved the way for the complex technologies we have in our modern world. After exploring and appreciating each artifact within our museum, we hope visitors will leave with more appreciation for the past along with new inspiration for the future. 

A place for immersive and interactive experiences 

Our immersive exhibit experiences take you back in time as if you were standing right in front of a famous inventor. Visitors are encouraged to leave their mark by interacting and sharing their knowledge with others. Each interaction will serve to teach visitors and make the museum that much more fun!

Donate Today

We appreciate your dedication to bettering our community and funding our museum. Each and every donation matters and is appreciated. Click below to contribute to the Museum of Information Explosion! 

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Museum Buildout Status

Museum Buildout Status

Where did the SIGNALS Museum of Information story begin?

Forty years ago, Marc Bendickson was faced with a dilemma, his father-in-law asked him to fix a vintage radio, and he was stumped, despite his degree in Electrical Engineering. However, he made it his mission to learn and soon fell in love with vintage radios and other technological artifacts. In fact, his wife, Sheryl Bendickson eventually built him a personal collection museum in their home. Marc loved sharing his collection with his own close-knit community until others emphasized that he needed to expand his reach.

Dr. Bendickson has been collecting vintage radios, phonographs, and telephones as a hobby. He had a longstanding vision of creating a museum to uniquely highlight these artifacts, and to educate the public about communication technologies and stories of the past. But where to locate a new museum in Madison County? Should a new facility be built or was there already a building out there just waiting to take on its next special purpose in life?

The perfect spot was secured

After searching in the Huntsville/Madison municipal area, Dr. Bendickson found the perfect location: an existing single story 15,000 square foot beauty on University Drive that once held the Real Estate Row showroom for new model homes. Built in 1979, the building has hosted several different businesses over the years. Dr. Bendickson envisioned purchasing the building in 2019 for its grandest incarnation yet: the SIGNALS Museum of Information Explosion (MIE).

 Since then, the Museum design and development team have been planning renovations and beginning to fill the facility with a large inventory of vintage equipment artifacts – some purchased, some donated. Renovating the building is taking some time to complete, especially with the challenges of Covid and the global supply chain backlog. 

Time for a new and exciting project

The exhibit team is working hard to make the museum come to life. Determining the availability of materials and skilled labor to put it all together poses some challenges. However, the team is making strides with removing old building walls and breaking down doors to accommodate future visitor flow through the exhibit areas. 

Credit to those involved in the buildout process

A large and growing cast of characters are involved in the creation of the museum. Tim Packard with Fuqua and Partners, is lead architect. Kim Mcquinn is the general contractor completing the primary buildout. John Kelton is the lead Creative Director orchestrating the layout of the many exhibits and design of the visitor experience. Finally, John Kvach, a renowned local historian, is working to incorporate stories about Alabama companies, scientists, and business leaders who contributed to the development of communication technology. 

Immersive experiences will make the museum pop

Ethar, Inc., is project managing the facility and exhibit build-outs. As specialists in immersive technology, Ethar is also creating interactive Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) content. Digital interactive exhibits are being provided by Kevin Kunze with QuietPixel. Rounding out the exhibits with professional audio, visual and lighting techniques is MediaMerge, an award-winning media systems integrator from Birmingham. 

All of this would not be possible without the inspiring leadership of MIE Executive Director, Dr. Marc Bendickson. If all goes well, the anticipated opening of the SIGNALS Museum of Information Explosion is Fall 2024. Stay tuned!

Regional Radio Clubs

Regional Radio Clubs

Regional Radio Clubs

Become A Part of The Fun 

Several regional radio clubs now call the SIGNALS Museum of Information Explosion (MIE) home. Each club focuses on a different aspect of computing or radio communication. The Museum is excited to facilitate a workspace for each member to be able to indulge in their hobbies and passions!

The K4MIE Amateur Radio Club

SIGNALS, the Museum of Information Explosion has its own “in-house” Radio Club. “K4MIE” is an FCC issued vanity club call sign with the last 3 letters chosen to represent “Museum of Information Explosion”. This club was recently formed after SIGNALS Volunteers obtained an ARDC grant to fund some modern amateur radio equipment to accompany SIGNAL’s showcase of mostly functional vintage amateur radios.  This club is both an exhibit of the Museum and an operational ham station that participates in many kinds of on the air events and contests and may be available to support Public Service events such as marathons or bike races or Public Safety events such as disaster recovery.

The K4MIE station is operated by licensed and trained hams, Volunteers of the Museum, many of whom are also members of the other clubs listed below.

Visit the K4MIE website here: https://sites.google.com/view/k4mie/home

The Huntsville Amateur Radio Club 

The Huntsville Amateur Radio Club or the “HAM Club” (harc.net), is a thriving regional group operating in various forms since 1947. To break it down, HAM radio (also known as amateur radio) is the use of radio frequency spectrum for non-commercial exchange. The agenda behind the HAM club meetings vary based on the participating members. For example, a member may be interested in reaching out to a number of countries in one weekend using HAM– it can be upwards of 250 countries! The simple act of communicating back and forth between countries using amateur radio is half the fun. 

Other times, the members are focused on what is needed in the HAM shack. For instance, tuning the new 20 meter-long antenna, installing computer monitors, and more. Club meetings foster a learning environment, where sessions can be dedicated to teaching people topics such as how to solder, or learning new technical skills. 

The North Alabama DX Club 

The North Alabama DX club (nadxc.org) is also here for members who are particularly interested in using HAM to reach extremely distant locations. Being successful connecting with other users half-way around the globe isn’t easy. Many factors including the weather and even sun-spots can challenge absolute success. 

The Vintage Communication and Computing Club (VC3) 

This club is one of the most active radio and technology clubs in the southeast. The VC3 is the most recent embodiment of a five-decade old regional special interest club. This member organization is especially suited for those interested in vintage radios, phonographs, and electronics. Members meet monthly and work together to exchange goods and information related to vintage radio,wireline, or other electronic equipment. 

Looking to join one of our clubs or support our museum? The groups are always welcoming new members. Check out each club’s website, sign up for the monthly newsletter, or contact us here at the museum to learn about the clubs’ latest activities. We also appreciate any donations to educate and connect the community!