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Generating New Ideas.

Solving Big Problems.

Creating new things that make life better is the hallmark of innovation. Scientists, engineers, business leaders and others see the world through a unique lens. They live with passion to solve problems, transform modern life, and make things better through their work. Innovators create value, then seek to provide that value to the marketplace.

Are you an innovator?

Spotlight on

Thomas Alva Edison


Thomas Edison was one of the most prolific and controversial early American inventors. He is known most for his groundbreaking work with phonographs and the electric light bulb, however, Edison’s contributions were far more extensive and included the kinetoscope, motion picture technology, the dictaphone, electric power generation, and he founded the first industrial research and development lab in the U.S.

The Telephone

Today, many of us take for granted that we can simply pick up our mobile phones and speak with people around the globe. It’s easy to overlook the spectacular chain of technology developments that were required to enable that capability. We are also mostly unaware of the phenomenal behind-the-scenes equipment and services which are necessary to complete that connection. What is a telephone, exactly? When were they first invented and by whom? How has this invention changed our personal lives and society as a whole?

Award winning Design

One can’t help but admire the beauty and craftsmanship of many vintage artifacts housed in the museum. The aesthetic values, colors, patterns, and shapes often have a direct impact on the usability and commercial success of new products. Appealing to the discerning eye, the creative design of electrical and electronic products is as much a factor in their popularity as the science and engineering behind them.